Mackenzie Valley Review Board


The Review Board has produced these three sets guidelines according to section 120 of the Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act.

EIA Guidelines

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines 2004 PDF

    The Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines set out an overall framework that explains how the environmental impact assessment (EIA) process works and what to expect when participating in the EIA of a proposed development.

Socio-Economic Impact Assessment Guidelines

The Socio-Economic Impact Assessment Guidelines outline the Review Boards expectations for the socio-economic impact assessment of proposed developments that may have socio-economic and cultural impacts.

This document is large and has been split up by chapter. Right click on the icon and select "Save Target As" to download this file to your desktop rather than opening it in your web browser. Be sure to download all chapters.

Guidelines for Incorporating Traditional Knowledge in EIA

The Guidelines for Incorporating Traditional Knowledge in Environmental Impact Assessment explain what the Review Board expects from developers when working with traditional knowledge holders and how traditional knowledge holders can share their knowledge directly with the Review Board during the EIA of a proposed development.

EIA Guidelines Overview booklet

The "Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines: Overview" booklet is a condensed version of the Review Board's EIA Guidelines. If you're unfamiliar with the EIA Guidelines or trying to get a better understanding of the guidelines, start with the overview booklet in the language of your choice.