Mackenzie Valley Review Board

Cultural impact assessment

Articles and papers

  • Status Report and Information Circular - Developing Cultural Impact Assessment Guidelines PDF

    This is a status report and information circular about the guidelines development process.

    The Review Board has prepared this document:

    • to show interested parties how the Review Board is developing Cultural Impact Assessment Guidelines for the environmental impact assessment process in the Mackenzie Valley and to encourage public participation in the guidelines development process;
    • to provide answers to some frequently asked questions about cultural impact assessment; and
    • to identify some cultural impact considerations related to resource development activities in the Mackenzie Valley identified so far in our engagement with communities.
  • Bibliography of Cultural Impact Assessment sources PDF

    These sources were compiled by Review Board staff and external colleagues, and represent a useful starting point for people interested in learning more about cultural impact assessment.

Conference presentations

  • Cultural Impact Assessment Workshop - Perth, Australia, May 2008 PDF

    This series of slides was used by Review Board staff Alistair MacDonald and colleagues during a day-long workshop on cultural impact assessment given as part of the International Association for Impact Assessment's annual global conference, held in May 2008. In it, the team discusses concepts of what constitutes culture, theory and techniques behind cultural impact assessment, and how cultural impact assessment can be effectively conducted during the 6 step process of Environmental Impact Assessment.